Where I've been-moving

Hi everyone, 

Wanted to check in with a quick hello. Moving day is fast approaching--tonight is my last proper night at home. The weekend is filled with social activities (wakeboarding, and an outdoor concert at the Opera), then it's off to  Far North Queensland for one last field trip, back to Sydney for a day, then off to Scotland. The US part of the tour got cancelled, which is a bit of a disappointment (I need to see my family and friends), but is also a blessing in disguise--it simplifies the packing. 

I haven't taken photos of the packing process, because it's come down to "throw everything I can't bear to be without into the suitcase". I'll take photos as I unpack--see what survived. 

Anyway, just wanted to let you know I'm keeping an eye on everyone's fabulous adventures, even if I'm not able to chime in as much as I'd like. :) 


Surprise move--3 weeks early. How do I plan to shop?

Hello fabbers! 

Sorry for the silence lately--I've been out in the field (the rainforest) over the past week, where the style is "comfortable with a side of DEET insect repellant". 

I"m in a bit of a panic, though, and was hoping you might have some advice for me. I thought I was leaving Australia in 5-6 weeks--enough time to plot out what I have, what I need, ID wardrobe holes, and make a shopping list. Well, due to governments working efficiently, I will actually be leaving in about 3 weeks. I don't feel ready at all! My schedule is roughly this: 

2 more weeks in Sydney, where it is Spring-Summer. I have a few events to attend still (concerts, 2 evening/indoor, one afternoon/outdoor). 
1 week in far north queensland. Field grubbies and DEET. 
1-2 days in Sydney 
5 days in Texas (November. Haven't checked the weather yet)
5 days in North Carolina (again, no weather knowledge)
Scotland (this is mid-november)

One of my plans for time in the US is to go shopping. But I thought I had more time to plan and figure out what I thought I might need. Do I just toss what I have in my suitcase and hope for the best? I'm taking pictures and an inventory of what I have as I pack, but I"m not sure if that's enough, since I really don't have time to start building winter capsules at this point. 

I did a bit of a random shop last year when I moved here, and that didn't really work. I need more of a plan than that. Help?