Seasonally Confused 2014 world tour (or, what I'm packing)

When I have a band, that's what I'm going to call my first tour. 

Okay, the world is not seasonally confused, and hopefully my dressing won't be.'s time to pack up and become nomadic again. I figured, rather than my previous plan of "throw stuff in a suitcase", I'd actually plan a little. Here's the schedule:

End of March-Beginning of June: Australia, half my time in Sydney, and half my time in Cairns/field. 
Back to UK for 3 weeks--can re-pack. 
End of June: Spain for 1 (maybe 2) weeks. 

I'm trying to pack lighter than I normally would, because I've got some things in Australia that I'm planning to bring back with me. So far, here's the list: 

Jeans: 3 pairs in 3 washes. the lighter 2 are boyfriend, the dark is bootcut. I've got some printed harem pants in Oz to add to this. Also 2 or 3 pairs of shorts. They're on their last legs, so may get donated rather than bring them back. 

Shirts…I'm really not feeling the love here. There's 3 on the "definite" pile, and the rest…just not sure about. I'll toss in a couple layering tees, but I'm really jonesing to add a couple fluid tops to this. Most of my tops are still fairly fitted, and after wearing cozy jumpers all winter, I'm really not warming up to this idea. I still love the black tee with white stripes (in the corner of the shot), but I've absolutely worn it to death. I'm kind of tired of looking at it right now (to be fair…that tee has definitely done well!) 

Jumper/sweaters…It's going in to winter, but it won't be all *that* cold when I leave. I've got a lightweight jacket in Oz, so I won't bring one with me. I think I'll bring one, and if I get cold..I don't mind getting something down there and bringing it back. It'll get worn up here. 

Skirts: another place I"m not feeling much love right now. I really want to expand my skirt wardrobe. I've got a knit tube skirt in Oz, and I think another black skirt that I wasn't particularly in love with anymore, and was thinking of passing on. 

Toppers…I'm not sure yet. I've got a denim jacket in Oz, but I'm not a double-denim fan. And a red knit moto jacket (more like a cardigan). I've also got a printed bomber that could work. 



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