WIW: coffee date

Ah! the first WIW from me in ages! A few spring things. With a hefty dose of winter remaining. 


WIB(ought) for Spring

Hi Everyone!

I've been silent for a while, school has been keeping me very busy. But after going through two hemispheres of winter, I'm just about to jump out of my skin to put on some lighter colours and fresh looks! 

Spring is starting to appear in Edinburgh, in fits and starts--some of the earliest flowers are starting to show their heads and, *gasp* it's no longer dark at 4pm. Of course, I'll miss the best of it--I'm headed back to Australia for their autumn. 

Because of this, most of my spring shopping is coming in the form of accessories. I found some Clarks oxfords (in a cream colour) to widen my shoe collection (which was decimated by plantar fasciitis), and a scarf and necklace from Next. I'm in love with the shoes--they are SO comfortable. I think the necklace and scarf will go well with some of my cream sweaters. 


WIW: Angie's Tube Skirt Formula

So I took everyone's advice on styling this tube skirt, and I think I'm starting to figure it out. Many, many thanks to everyone! I went looking for a lower-contrast top, with structure around the shoulders, and not a knit. I found this pale citron top (the label says it's green, I think it looks yellow), with fluidity. It's comfortable, and perfect for the summer-disguised-as-spring we're having at the moment. 

And now I can add to the "list of things I never thought I'd wear": a garment with "tube" as the primary descriptor. :) 


WIW for Sat. errands, and my lesson for the day

Apologies (as usual) for poor picture quality. Wanted to post this WIW as an exercise in learning. Not about photography or the outfit in general, but about those skinnies.
 I have a love-hate with skinny jeans. I love how they look--on other people. No matter the shape, size, or age of the person, I think they look decent. But when I wear them, the evil tape recording in my head starts playing, listing all the reasons why I don't have the right body for them. 

So I made myself take the picture, and I'm posting it here (I cut my face off because I don't feel well and can't be bothered smiling for a camera today). And ya know? They don't look half bad. Certainly not as bad as I think they look on me. 

There's my lesson for the day--if the camera's not lying, then maybe I should be a little more adventurous. 

I still hate this pair of jeans, though--they don't fit properly. :)