K/R: Patterned slouchy pants (styled properly this time)

So I brought the patterned pants home with me, and played with them a bit. I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts! My face/hair is cropped in the first two because I didn't have them done. Then I realised the pictures looked better if *I* looked better. Also playing with new poses. 

1. With a pale lemon/lime tee (I think it's yellow. The tag said green.)
2. With a black chiffon top. This top was given to me, and is set to be donated. I don't like the fit, but I may look for something similar. This is just to illustrate colour. 
3. With a white top. This is also new, and was purchased with these trousers in mind. But I may keep it anyway--even if the trousers don't stay. 
4. Denim jacket added. It doesn't get much wear right now because I wear jeans a lot, and I won't do double denim. 

A few lessons for me already: 
1. If I'm taking pictures (even just test-driving), I need to fix myself up as if I were actually going to go out of the house. 
2. I like this new pose (feet placement, stand up straight)
3. I think I need a haircut--time to cut it off again. 


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  • Suz replied 10 years ago

    Isn't it amazing what we learn from taking photos? It would be interesting to study what the effects on our overall comportment are, over time. 

    Without your head, these pants look like PJ pants. WITH your head, they look like intentionally styled pants! Amazing. 

    I actually like them a lot. I personally would not wear them with the gold belt because of the piping detail plus the pattern (I am a bit of a minimalist at heart) but that is neither here nor there. I like the fluid fabric with the sturdier denim. 

  • Lantana replied 10 years ago

    Ah ha! This gives a better idea of how these pants might fit into your life. Both round neck tops look good and the denim as topper looks great. My eye is not so happy with the v neck top because it interrupts the flow of lines.
    Like Suz, I would skip a belt due to the piping detail.
    The sandals are perfect in the way they echo the black detailing on the basque.
    The latter is what makes slouchy pants appealing for gals like you and me with waists. We don't need fabric bunching round our narrow bits, do you agree?

  • Thistle replied 10 years ago

    Sorry, I am a spanner here. I am not loving them, BUT I have not yet learned to completely love the slouchy pants look. I have a difficult time teaching my eye what is intentional and slouchy and what is messy.

  • froggiebecky replied 10 years ago

    Suz--interesting insight! I'll keep that in mind when I'm posting future pictures.  I'm not sure about the gold belt, either. I think silver might work better. I'm also torn on going without, because even though these pants are slouchy, they have a fitted waistband, a zipper fly, and beltloops. I have an aversion to fully tucking a shirt and leaving all that open! Should I just get over it, or perhaps look for a different belt? Maybe a ribbon instead? 

    Lantana, I'm not thrilled with the v-neck, either. I thought it was due to the sleeves, but I think you may be right--this needs a less harsh neckline.

    I also totally agree with not needing extra fabric. These really aren't all that slouchy--I'm one of those gals whose legs were built for work (muscular thighs and calves). I was surprised at yesterday's comments of "these don't fit-they're too big", because there's only ~2" of ease in the thighs. I like the basque, too--the elastic waist contributes to the "jammies" feel.  

    Thanks, thistle--your insight (and everyone from yesterday) steered me away from pairing this with a knit t-shirt. 

  • Momo replied 10 years ago

    I like them best with the structure added by the jeans jacket.

  • sarah replied 10 years ago

    My concern with these pants is that they seem to be doing something odd in front - it's almost as if the rise it to high for where they sit on your waist so that you get some "folding" over in the crotch area. Is it just the way your'e standing? Or do the pants tend to do that when you move around? Also, I think pants like these look best with a bit of heel.

  • Gaylene replied 10 years ago

    To my eye, the pant looks best in with the tops in #2 and #3, and I'd also echo Sarah's suggestion for a higher heel to ramp up the sophistication level and play down the pajama vibe. I'd say this pant is a bit of a diva when it comes to styling.

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