The shoe sort-out, pt. 2 (moving edition)

I posted a few weeks back that I was re-evaluating my shoe collection, in preparation for moving (again). It now looks like I'll be in the UK in mid-late November, and then back to Australia in March-May 2014, then back to the UK. So the current seasonal rotation is: Spring-Winter-Autumn-Summer. 

The upside to that schizophrenic seasonal structure is that I can move in pieces and I don't have to winnow quite so much. I intend to leave my summer clothes behind, and then wear that when I'm back in March, then take it with me when I leave in May.  Some of this travel will be via the US, where I have every intention of shopping. :) 

Photo 1 is the entire shoe collection, as it stands. I notice that I don't get quite as much rotation from it as I'd like. 

Photo 2 is the shoes I plan to leave behind in Australia. 

Photo 3 I'm on the fence about. The black shoes I generally like, are comfortable and walkable, but I've been leaning away from such rounded toes lately. But I think the amount of wear they're getting is from the hole they fill, rather than my love for them. The flats I like, but they don't love me back--the leather tears up my feet. I may try to work with them some more and soften them up before I let them go. The 'vogs aren't as comfortable as I'd like, as well. I'm not sure if I'd keep them or re-sell them. 

Photo 4 is what I think I'm going to leave in the US. I have barely worn the navy mary janes, and the outfits I wear them with would be just as fab with the brown heels that remain. The other brown shoes get more wear, but most of my neutrals have shifted over to black in the past year. I don't want two pairs of brown heels, and I like the remaining pair more. I still love these, but don't want to wear them right now. They can be retrieved and worked back into my wardrobe at a later time. 

That leaves photo 5. These are the shoes I wear most frequently (with the sandals in #2, which are being left behind)...I'm feeling a couple of holes here: tall boots and fashion sneakers. Both of which I'm going shopping for in the US. I'm trying to not shop for the sneakers here--I'm really feeling the pinch on that one. 

Thoughts? Any holes you see? Anything you'd move over to the "take to Scotland" pile? 

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  • Lyn D. replied 10 years ago

    Just wanted to suggest that you consider 'Skechers' when you are here in Australia- they are well made, super comfy. and a step-up from sneakers.

  • Inge replied 10 years ago

    Hi Froggiebecky,

    Great job sorting out all your footwear! Looking at the first picture, it appears there are only two "fully closed bootie" options (the black and green shoes at the left in the front row). If you are going to spend the Winter in the UK (which can get quite cold and wet in those months), I think another pair of cold weather booties (or ankle boots, calf length or knee-high boots) might be a good idea. What do you think?

    Good luck with all the planning

  • froggiebecky replied 10 years ago

    Thanks Inge--yes, I agree with you--boots or booties are definitely on the "to purchase" list. I'd like some calf- or knee-high boots, but I'm not a skinnies fan, so I'd be wearing them under trousers or with skirts. I've also got fairly muscular calves and small feet, so shopping can sometimes be an issue. That being said, I've got a sweet eye on Beatle booties, so I might go that route as well. I'll look in the US when I'm there in November. 

    Are fun colours OK in Europe, or does black rule the day? I've already got black booties, so I don't really want to duplicate that. I could have fun with white or red. Or heck, a sunny yellow.... :) 

  • Inge replied 10 years ago

    I like the way you're thinking :-) And I would definitely go for a colour that you love and makes you happy.
    There's always a lot of black footwear in the stores for Fall/Winter, and this year is no exception. But I'm also seeing lots of red and burgundies, some white and cream, cognacs...

    If it helps: I have a pair of suede burgundy booties, a pair of light python print ones, a pair of yellow ankle boots (that I wear in Fall, would wear them in Winter too, but they are not warm enough), and have just bought the white Zara booties, and no one bats an eye when I wear them. So fun colours are definitely OK!

    I hope you'll find a fab pair of calf- or knee-high boots, and the perfect Beatle booties!

  • froggiebecky replied 10 years ago

    Good to know fun colours are OK! I'm doing a bit of browsing and will keep my eye out!

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